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How to get an early check-in

Recently we had a somewhat disgruntled review on the dreaded TripAdvisor which stated that we were ‘less than enthusiastic’ when someone tried to check-in at 12.20pm on a Sunday. (As is the way with these things the author stated 1.20pm in his review but we remember the customer well!).

Early check-ins have become an issue in recent years for us, so much so that we have taken to putting…

The Perils of OTAs

The Perils of OTAs 

Since I returned from New Zealand in December I have been trying to make sense of Corse Lawn’s position/profile/image on the internet and how to maximise our bookings through OTAs.

Initially it took me an hour or so to even work out what OTA stood for! Obviously, now, it is Online Travel Agents – but these are not the travel agents that I remember from eight years ago.

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